Ferenike Kantartzi

Modern Day Greek Philosopher

Why philosophy?

Regardless your age, ethnicity, gender, social status. If you have areas like relationships, money, career, health/vitality, that are suffering is due to the set of beliefs that you adopted around those areas. The system of beliefs we hold is 80% influenced by the culture and the environment we grew up. Most often than not, life is moving forward without ever pausing to reexamine and redefine our belief system based on who we truly are and what speaks to our hearts. Therefore, we still hold beliefs that they don’t serve us anymore but hurts us instead.

The activity of philosophy is the key to take charge of your life, master your mind, alter your belief system and live life on your terms.

Here are the 5 key benefits of the activity of philosophy that I’ll guide you through: 

  1. The art of asking big questions: what is happiness? What is technology ideally for? What is a good parent?
  2. To reason common sense: That means to think for yourself – the development of critical thinking and the development of the reasoning mind faculty.
  3. To develop self-awareness and self-knowledge in order to be able to identify what is important to you? What makes you angry? What makes your heart melt? What do you laugh with?
  4. Develop the skill of controlling the thoughts and direct them to the end of your desire. That requires the development of memory, imagination, will and perception mind faculties.
  5. Keeping a sense of what really matters at all times and without getting lost in unimportant, small talk and small people.

All the above can be developed with the activity of philosophy, therefore the activity of philosophy is the key to personal growth. If you are fed up living a dull life but something inside your heart says you are worth so much more, please get in touch to discuss and create a plan together that will get you from point A where you currently are to point B – where you aspire to be. Also, if you are not sure what that point B looks like – get in touch to figure it out together. 

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