On Intimacy

On my return from my trip to Malaysia I picked up a book by the Indian guru and spiritual teacher – Osho. The book is called Intimacy and you can order it on this link.

I loved this book and I highly recommend it if you are interested in understanding more about intimacy. Intimacy is something that most people crave because they feel that it will lead to fulfillment and joy – which is actually true.

Some people think of intimacy in sexual terms but people can be intimate without having any sexual contact what so ever. To describe intimacy is to communicate your emotional and spiritual needs to your romantic partner. Is about sharing your inner world, that includes everything you are proud of and everything that you aren’t so happy with. Intimacy requires being emotionally and spiritually naked with another person, which can be quite scary for most people.

The first requirement for intimacy is to be truly and completely honest with ourselves and our partner. It requires a level of authenticity that most people don’t have in their daily life. As most people wear a mask that covers their true colors.

Intimacy is all about letting someone see everything that is in you. Your strengths, talents, aspirations as well as your weaknesses, vulnerabilities, and fears. This is where lots of people fail to attain intimacy because they aren’t willing to show every part of themselves. However, intimacy can’t be involved unless there are trust and integrity between the partners.

If you have specific questions with regards to intimacy that you’d like to address please get in touch with me and I’ll answer directly.

Lots of love,



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