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Welcome to London’s philosophy house, my name is Ferenike – I’m Greek and I aspire to redefine philosophy to the original meaning of the word – the love for wisdom – like Pythagoras of Samos intended when came up with the word around 550BC.
My passion has always been, helping people fulfil their dreams and aspirations. My understanding is that all the questions we have for the good life today, have been answered by philosophers through out the centuries and based on that belief – I coach my clients to prosper and live a fulfilling life based on the Socratic method and Ancient wisdom.
There is not one philosophical school of thought that I’m following. I’m only guiding my clients to examine their philosophy in order to define the good life on their terms and live it this way. My coaching can be summed up in a quote by Socrates, when he said that ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’.
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